Dr. David A. Watson
Senior Pastor
Pastor Dave, born on July 13, 1959 in Keene, New Hampshire. To the best of my recollection, my parents did their best to provide a good home for me. My family attended a congregational church. I trusted Christ as my personal Savior on October 7, 1973 at the age of 14. After high school I went to Word of Life Bible Institute in Schooner Lake, New York. Following that I went to Liberty University and Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. In 2015, I was grateful to be able to say that I completed the doctoral program at New York Theological Seminar.
Pastor Paul Schooling
Congregational Care
(left to right)
Rev. Dave Rosario
Carlos Cruz
Rudy Ramirez
Raul Bartolome
Sam Autry
Administrative Assistant
Sharon Autry
Office Hours:
Tuesday & Friday – 10:00AM – 5PM
                      Counseling by appointment
                      Office is located at 26 Maple Parkway (next door)
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