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The Pastor’s Pen
By Pastor Dave Watson
      “I would like to repent for inaccurately prophesying that Donald Trump would win a second term as the President of the United States.” These are the words of Jeremiah Johnson of Jeremiah Johnson Ministries. He, along with a few other Christian leaders, had insisted that the Lord had told them for sure that Donald Trump was going to have a second term. Yet it didn’t come to pass.  
      So, what are we to make of these prophets and their prophesies?  If they are indeed prophets of the Lord how did they get it wrong? If they are not 100% accurate do they have any credibility at all? Does the gift of prophecy as a spiritual gift even exist today? What do we make of the prophecies of a man life David Wilkerson? These are questions that serious followers of Christ are looking for some guidance on.


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