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Calvary Chapel is a non-denominational church located in the heart of Mariner’s Harbor on the north side of Staten Island, NY. From the start the church has maintained a strong Bible teaching and a fervent heart for evangelism.


The COVID19 Crisis and the racial tensions in our nation and city have taken our stress index to new levels. Stress is literally killing us. Everybody knows it but we rarely address it properly. We only address its symptoms. We take Xanax for our anxiety. We take ace inhibitors to get our blood pressure down. We have Prozac for our depression and Pepcid for our ulcers. We see psychologists, psychiatrists and psychics and we still have stress issues. Stress really is killing us.
Because stress is so prevalent in our lives, over the next four weeks in August we will be looking at how we as followers of Christ can better deal with stress. As part of our 31 Days of Rest, Refresh and Revitalize we will see how we can handle it in a way that pleases God and blesses us as well. We will see that the Scriptures give us clear guidance for “addressing our stressing”..


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