Missions Trip to Cuba 2016

In mid-April of 2016 Calvary took its second trip to Cuba. Because of our experience on our first trip we had a better idea of what to expect and asked for an opportunity to share and serve in as many as possible.  The trip was amazing.  We started our mission west of Havana in Mariano but found ourselves cress crossing a large section of the central part of Cuba from North to South. 

Our team consisted once again of 15 people most of whom were native Spanish speakers including two doctors and a nurse. We were in 13 different Churches in our seven days doing ministry that included health clinics’, children’s ministry, couples ministry, youth ministry and leadership training as well as a little baseball and music. It was the missions’ trip of a lifetime because we got to do so much ministry. For a week we were missionaries. What an amazing privilege.

Our first full day there we saw over 10 individuals come to a personal faith in Christ. Every day in Cuba we were so blessed to see God do amazing things through us. One highlight was our team ministering outdoors in the small town of Placetas.  Another highlight was ministering to 18 leaders who were part of a church that was persecuted. Still another highlight was visiting the town of Jovellanos, the hometown of a woman in our church.  Of course we also enjoyed an amazing reunion with our friends in Alamar. We are praying God will allow us to return in October 2017.