“Dan demonstrates to us clearly why the Bible stands and why we can stand on the Bible.”

On June 1, 2014, Calvary Chapel had the wonderful opportunity to view a collection of historic Bibles and Christian manuscripts as part of an exhibition by the Historical Bible Society. People who came to the exhibition got to see firsthand that the Bible is reliable, that what we have in our hands today is the same Word of God that people have read for thousands of years.

Much of Western culture is built on the Bible. The Gutenberg printing press, which helped create the modern world, was invented in the fifteenth century to enable dissemination of the Bible among common people. The Historical Bible Society actually has a page of an original Gutenberg Bible, so people were able to see for themselves this remarkable milestone of both Christian thought and Western history.


As part of the exhibition, Dan Buttafuoco, the founder and chairman of the Historical Bible Society, gave a presentation on the history of the Bible and how we can know that what it says is true. As a pastor, I have gone to great lengths to demonstrate to my congregation that the Bible is trustworthy and that we can believe what it says. Seeing the collection of the Historical Bible Society, though, made the reliability of Scriptures come alive, not only for people in my church, but for me, as well. The experience is life-changing.

Calvary Chapel is built on a strong scriptural basis. The Bible is at the heart of everything that we do. After viewing the Historical Bible Society exhibition, members of Calvary Chapel became genuinely excited about the reliability of the Bible. They wanted to know more because they had seen with their eyes what they had believed all along.