June 28, 2020


#Churchisopen -We’re Coming Home – Special Video about the re-opening of Calvary Chapel and important guidelines


rCalvary Chapel is currently offering 3 Service times:

Sundays l 8:30AM & 11:15AM
Our 8:30am & 11:15am will be live streamed on Facebook and Web and
Live on 570AM & 102.3FM beginning at 11:30am
We are taking Covid19 and the health of our congregation very seriously. We have guidelines in place that make our church as safe as possible.  Please follow strictly the guidelines we have in place  Again, the guidelines are:

 1.     If you are a person at risk with underlying health issues, please don’t attend services right now; for now, join us online or on the radio.

2.     If you are sick or believe you might be sick stay home and listen to us on the radio, watch us on Facebook or on the live stream.

3.     If you think you may have been exposed to someone with COVID19 or you are supposed to be quarantining for any reason, including travel, stay home and watch us online until your quarantine time (currently 14 days) is over.

4.     Maintain social distancing, that is to say 6ft, when entering and exiting the building and the sanctuary.

5.     Wear a mask when entering and exiting the building

6.     Wear a mask when you are speaking to someone and are less than 6ft from them unless of course it is someone from your own household.

7.     Use the plastic seat covers we provide to cover your seats and then discard them after use in the service you attend.

8.     Refrain from hugging, embracing or shaking hands while in the facility.

9.     Follow the floor lines that give the flow of the traffic for entering and exiting the building as well provide social distancing guidelines.

10.  Be considerate of everyone. Everyone may not be as comfortable as you may be. Please respect that.

Finally, let’s keep lifting one another up both for our physical and spiritual health as well as our stamina in these difficult times. The leadership of Calvary covets your prayers at this time.